What Is The Salary Of Magistrate In India?

What is the salary of CJM?

The salary of judges will be now at par with those of the bureaucrats following the implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

The Chief Justice of India (CJI) will now get a monthly salary of Rs 2.80 lakh, up from the present Rs 1 lakh..

How can I become a magistrate in India?

To become a Magistrate one has to first possess a degree in L.L.B. To get the L.L.B degree the eligible candidate has to undertake an entrance test conducted by Law departments of various universities of India or the independent law schools/ Institutions.

What is the starting salary of judge in India?

11,775/-, that of Civil Judge (Senior Division) as Rs. 15,200/- and the Mean Basic Pay of District Judge (Entry level) was arrived at as Rs. 18,625/-. The Mean Basic Pay of District Judge – Selection Grade and Super Time Scale respectively was fixed at Rs.

How many magistrates are there in India?

There are four categories of magistrates in the Judiciary of India. This classification is given in the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 (CrPC). It stipulates that in each sessions district, there shall be: a Chief Judicial Magistrate.

How much do judges earn in India?

Salary of Government Officials in IndiaPosition in the Indian order of precedencePostSalary per month (Basic Pay)4Governors of States₹350,000 (US$4,900)6Chief Justice of India₹280,000 (US$3,900)9Judges of Supreme Court of India₹250,000 (US$3,500)9AChief Election Commissioner of India₹250,000 (US$3,500)17 more rows

What are the facilities given to judge?

Besides, each high court judge gets perks such as free government accommodation, an official vehicle, free electricity, leave travel allowance, medical reimbursement etc. The judges want the salaries now raised to Rs 4.50 lakh per month for a high court chief justice and to Rs 4 lakh for a judge.