Quick Answer: Why Is County Lines A Safeguarding Matter?

WHO uses the term county lines?

“County Lines” is a national term used by police and law enforcement to commonly describe the approach taken by gangs and criminal networks originating from urban areas, who travel to locations such as county or coastal towns to sell class A drugs..

What type of abuse is Cuckooing?

“’Cuckooing’ is a form of criminal exploitation, which has developed in our force area and which can have devastating financial and emotional consequences to already struggling victims.

What is the Offence of Cuckooing?

Cuckooing is a form of crime, termed by the police, in which drug dealers take over the home of a vulnerable person in order to use it as a base for county lines drug trafficking. The crime is named for the cuckoo’s practice of taking over other birds’ nests for its young.

What is going country?

Some young people are recruited via “debt bondage”, whereby they enter county lines to pay off drug debts. … The term “county lines” refers to the phone numbers, or lines, dedicated to this activity. The practice is also known by those involved as “going country” or “going OT” (“outta town”).

Why are county lines called that?

“County Lines” is the term used to describe a form of organised crime where criminals based in urban areas pressurise vulnerable people and children to transport, store and sell drugs in smaller county towns. It takes its name from the phone lines used by organised crime gangs to communicate between towns.

What are the signs of county lines?

What are the signs of criminal exploitation and county lines?Returning home late, staying out all night or going missing.Being found in areas away from home.Increasing drug use, or being found to have large amounts of drugs on them.Being secretive about who they are talking to and where they are going.More items…

What is county lines phenomenon?

County Lines is where illegal drugs are transported from one area to another, often across police and local authority boundaries (although not exclusively), usually by children or vulnerable people who are coerced into it by gangs. The ‘County Line’ is the mobile phone line used to take the orders of drugs.

What is CCE in safeguarding?

Children who are trafficked, exploited or coerced into committing crimes are victims in need of safeguarding and support. Though perceptions are altering these young people are still often criminalised and perceived as having ‘made a choice’ to take part in illegal activity.

How many county lines are in operation across the UK?

Police shut down almost 90 county lines spreading drugs and ‘mayhem’ across UK.

Who is at risk of county lines?

Who is at risk? Certain children, young people and adults are vulnerable and more at risk of being drawn into county lines, such as… Others may be threatened with violence or by exploiting their addiction to drugs.

What are the 48 counties of England?

England has 48 Counties, all with an array of names; from Devon to Buckinghamshire and from Wiltshire to East Ridling of Yorkshire.

What’s a trap house girl?

The Urban Dictionary defines “trap house” as an apartment or private house, sometimes in public housing projects, where multiple drug dealers (known as “trap stars” or “trap lords”) do business. Trap houses attract teens from a wide variety of backgrounds.

How does a trap house work?

A trap house is a place where people go to buy drugs. It is a place rented by the main person or a group of people who are involved in the business of illegal drug deals. The person running the house handles the sales and they also maintain surveillance to see if the police are coming for a raid.

What type of drugs are sold in county lines?

County lines commonly involves the illegal distribution and dealing of seriously dangerous drugs from one city/town to another. The most common drugs involved are heroin also known as brown and cocaine (crack and powder)also known as white , but also MDMA, cannabis, amphetamines and spice.

What does county lines mean in safeguarding?

County lines is the organised criminal distribution of drugs from the big cities into smaller towns and rural areas using children and vulnerable people. … The drug runner needs a place to stay and to do this the gang will take over the home of a vulnerable person, often after following them home.

What does Cuckooing mean?

Cuckooing is a practice where people take over a person’s home and use the property to facilitate exploitation. It takes the name from cuckoos who take over the nests of other birds.

What are drug runners called?

A mule or courier is someone who personally smuggles contraband across a border (as opposed to sending by mail, etc.) for a smuggling organization. … In the case of transporting illegal drugs, the term drug mule applies.

What does county mean?

The definition of county refers to an administrative division in a state or country. An example of county used as an adjective is in the phrase “county court,” which means a court of that particular geographic area.

What’s a trap phone?

trap phone (plural trap phones) A prepaid phone, often used by criminals to conduct illegal activity.

What are police county lines?

What is a county line? An organised crime group (or urban gang) from an area such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool who extends their drug dealing enterprise across county boundaries is known as a running a ‘county line’. How do the gangs bring drugs into South Wales?

What does criminally exploited mean?

Criminal exploitation is a form of modern slavery that sees victims being forced to work under the control of highly organised criminals in activities such as forced begging, shoplifting and pickpocketing, cannabis cultivation, drug dealing and financial exploitation.