Quick Answer: What Side Does The Sunrise In New Zealand?

What direction does the sunrise where I am?

eastWhere Do the Sun and Stars Rise.

Most people know that the Sun “rises in the east and sets in the west”.

However, most people don’t realize that is a generalization.

Actually, the Sun only rises due east and sets due west on 2 days of the year — the spring and fall equinoxes!.

Which country has no night time?

A quarter of Finland’s territory lies north of the Arctic Circle, and at the country’s northernmost point the sun does not set at all for 60 days during summer. In Svalbard, Norway, the northernmost inhabited region of Europe, there is no sunset from approximately 19 April to 23 August.

Which country has 24hr night?

The Arctic Circle marks the southern extremity of the polar day (24-hour sunlit day, often referred to as the midnight sun) and polar night (24-hour sunless night). In Finnish Lapland, the sun sets in late November and generally does not rise until mid-January. This can last as long as 50 days in northern Finland.

Which country sees the sun last?

SamoaSamoa skips dateline: America Samoa now the last place on earth to see the sunset. For over a hundred years, visitors to Samoa have been able to stand at Cape Mulinu’u, the westernmost point of the planet and be the last people on earth to see the sun go down.

Why does New Zealand see the sun first?

The mountain is one of the first places in the world to see the sunrise. Says Hinetu: “Did you know New Zealand is pretty much the first place in the world to see the sun? Because we’re first to rise and shine each morning means we’ve got a bit more time up our sleeves.

Where does the sun rise first in New Zealand?

Mount Hikurangi – GisborneMount Hikurangi – Gisborne Officially the first city in New Zealand to see the sun, Gisborne and Mount Hikurangi(opens in new window) is recognised as the first point on the New Zealand mainland to greet the morning sun. Watch the sun rise before anyone else in New Zealand.

How many hours of sunlight does New Zealand get?

According to Statistics NZ, on average, most of the country received between 1,672 and 2,098 hour of sunshine each year from 1972 to 2016.

Where can I see sunrise in Auckland?

7 Spectacular Places To Watch The Sunrise In And Around AucklandWesthaven Marina. Head to Westhaven Marina before the sun’s up, get those legs moving and you’ll be treated to one helluva sunrise. … Mount Eden. … Bastion Point. … East Coast Beaches. … One Tree Hill. … Takapuna. … North Head.

Who sees the sun first?

North of Gisborne, New Zealand, around the coast to Opotiki and inland to Te Urewera National Park, The East Cape has the honour of witnessing the world’s first sunrise each and every day. Back in 2011, Samoa took the decision to move position on the international dateline.

What country is always dark?

Located over 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø, Norway, is home to extreme light variation between seasons. During the Polar Night, which lasts from November to January, the sun doesn’t rise at all. Then the days get progressively longer until the Midnight Sun period, from May to July, when it never sets.

Which country has no sunlight?

Here are places where the sun never sets.NORWAY. Norway is known as the land of midnight sun. … FINLAND. In most parts of this country, the sun shines for straight 73 hours during summers and the this country experience no sunlight during winters. … ALASKA. … ICELAND. … CANADA.

Which country sees the sunset first?

SamoaFor visitors, the highlight of a trip to Samoa has always been the opportunity to stand on a rocky promontory at Cape Mulinu’u, the westernmost point of the planet, and – with the International Dateline only 20 miles away – to gaze into tomorrow.