Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Impelled?

Is compelled a positive word?

Compel has more of a neutral meaning than a positive or negative one.

So does compelling.

For example, you may feel compelled to dye your hair blue because all your friends are doing it, but you may also feel compelled to comfort a child who is crying.

Evoking interest is not necessarily a positive thing, either..

What is the meaning of impelled in English?

verb (used with object), im·pelled, im·pel·ling. to drive or urge forward; press on; incite or constrain to action. to drive or cause to move onward; propel; impart motion to.

What is another word for drive?

What is another word for drive?compelpresszip upturn onact as a stimulus toset offbringrootwind upreduce76 more rows

How do you use the word oblige?

Examples of oblige in a Sentence Her job obliges her to work overtime and on weekends. She’s always ready to oblige her friends. “Thank you for your help.” “I’m happy to oblige.” They asked for food and he obliged with soup and sandwiches.

What propel means?

to drive, or cause to move, forward or onward: to propel a boat by rowing. to impel or urge onward: Urgent need of money propelled him to take a job.

What does Impeled mean?

to drive or urge forward; press on; incite or constrain to action. to drive or cause to move onward; propel; impart motion to.

What is a synonym for impel?

SYNONYMS. force, compel, constrain, oblige, necessitate, require, demand, make, urge, exhort, press, apply pressure, pressure, pressurize, drive, push, spur, prod, goad, incite, prompt, persuade, inspire. 2’vital energies impel him in unforeseen directions’ SYNONYMS.

What does oblige mean?

verb. (tr; often passive) to bind or constrain (someone to do something) by legal, moral, or physical means. (tr; usually passive) to make indebted or grateful (to someone) by doing a favour or servicewe are obliged to you for dinner. to do a service or favour to (someone)she obliged the guest with a song.

What is another word for Comb?

What is another word for comb?groomuntangleraketidyadjustcleanseraspscrapesmoothsmooth out34 more rows

What is conviction mean?

the act of convicting someone, as in a court of law; a declaration that a person is guilty of an offense. the state of being convicted. the act of convincing a person by argument or evidence.

What does indebted mean?

: owing something (such as money or thanks) to someone or something : in debt. See the full definition for indebted in the English Language Learners Dictionary. indebted. adjective. in·​debt·​ed | \ in-ˈde-təd \

What is another word for Propel?

What is another word for propel?drivemovepromptstimulateoperateinspireactivateencouragetriggerurge56 more rows

How do you use the word propel in a sentence?

Examples of propel in a Sentence He grabbed him and propelled him through the door. The train is propelled by steam. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘propel.

What is an impelling force?

Noun. The action of driving or pushing, typically forward or onward. propulsion. impetus.

What is a constrain?

verb (used with object) to force, compel, or oblige: He was constrained to admit the offense. to confine forcibly, as by bonds. to repress or restrain: Cold weather constrained the plant’s growth.

What is the difference between compelled and impelled?

Both compel and impel contain the idea of using physical or other force to cause something to be done. Compel means to constrain someone in some way to yield or do what one wishes. Fate compels us to face danger and trouble. Impel means to provide a strong force, motive, or incentive toward a certain end.

What is another word for inspired?

What is another word for inspire?encouragecausemotivatestimulateinfluencemoverouseanimatepersuadespur229 more rows

How do you use Obliged?

Obliged sentence examplesHe obliged and handed it to her. … He obliged and she started to sing Happy Birthday. … She obliged quickly, tensing as she waited for him to finish with her phone. … But I feel obliged to warn you anyway. … Rhyn obliged and stepped back. … I was obliged to hire a team and a man for the plowing, though I held the plow myself.More items…