Quick Answer: Can Facebook Unblock Someone By Itself?

Why does he block then unblock?

Originally Answered: What does it mean if someone blocked you and then unblocked you again.

Well simply means they didn’t want you following there account.

If they have unblocked you again it might mean that they thought they had given it enough time for you to forget about them, which is clearly not the case..

Is it possible to accidentally block someone?

You can accidentally block someone to see your Instagram story however, if you look at your stories and click the x next to someone’s name, he/she will not be able to see your stories again.

Can’t add someone on Facebook after unblocking?

If you mean add them as a friend then it could be that the one you blocked/unblocked has settings set so you can’t (or anyone else). The settings for those who can send a friend request is only public and friends of friends. You can’t automatically add them again.

Why is Facebook blocking my friends?

There are many reasons why people block another person on Facebook. For example, their relationship may have changed or they may want to take a break from someone posting content they find annoying. Other reasons are more serious like harassment or bullying.

Can Facebook accidentally blocked someone?

Of course you cannot “accidentally” block someone on Facebook.

How long do you have to wait to unblock someone on Facebook?

48 hoursHow long do you have to wait before you can unblock someone on Facebook? If you block someone and then unblock them, you need to wait 48 hours until you can friend them again.

Can someone see when you unblock them?

Hi Ryan, If you unblock someone, it won’t show up on your News Feed. However, if you add them as a friend, it will appear on your News Feed and Timeline.

What can a blocked Facebook person see?

What is blocking on Facebook? When you block someone, they won’t be able to see things you post on your profile, tag you in posts, comments or photos, invite you to events or groups, start a conversation with you, or add you as a friend. If you block someone you’re friends with, Facebook will unfriend them as well.

Why can’t I send a friend request after unblocking?

Check if you have any mutual friends, or try sending them a message to send you the request. I recently blocked someone on FB. Then after unblocking, he can’t send me a friend request.

When you unblock someone on Facebook do you get their messages?

No, if you unblock a contact, you still won’t get the messages he/she sent you when they were blocked. … However, once you unblock them, if they send any new message (post unblock), it will be delivered to you.

Can Facebook automatically unblock someone?

Hi Mohamed, If you block someone, they won’t be unblocked until you unblock them. When you unblock someone, you won’t automatically be friends again.

What happens when you unblock someone from Facebook?

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. The person won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook. If you want to become friends with a person who you’ve unblocked, you’ll need to send them a friend request.