Question: What Is The Plural Of Eye?

What is the plural for bird?



The plural form of bird; more than one (kind of) bird..

What is the plural of I?

Answer. The plural form of i is ies (rare).

Which is correct eye or eyes?

As verbs the difference between eye and eyes is that eye is to observe carefully while eyes is (eye).

What is Army plural?

The plural form of army; more than one (kind of) army.

What is the plural of Boy?

Well, the plural of “boy” is “boys”, and to make the possessive of a plural, we just put an apostrophe after the final “s”. … “Boy” becomes “boys”. But some nouns are different. They’re irregular. So, for example, “child”, singular, becomes “children”, plural.

Is 2 singular or plural?

If you use 2 as a word in a sentence – and notice that it would be more conventional to spell it out, “two” – then it is plural. In the following sentence: “Three people enter the room, and two leave” two is clearly plural, because the word forms the subject for “leave”, which is the plural form of the verb.

What is plural for tree?

Singular. tree. Plural. trees. The plural form of tree; more than one (kind of) tree.

What is singular or plural?

A singular noun names one person, place, thing, or idea, while a plural noun names more than one person, place, thing, or idea. There are a few basic rules to remember when it comes to turning a singular noun into a plural noun. 1. Most singular nouns need an ‘s’ at the end to become plural.

What is the plural of her?

Answer. The plural form of her is hers.

What is the plural of myself?

Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself are all singular – they refer to one person (or a ‘thing’ for itself). Ourselves, yourselves and themselves are all plural – they refer to more than one person.

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

What is the plural for half?

noun, plural halves [havz, hahvz].

What is plural for mouth?

Singular. mouth. Plural. mouths. The plural form of mouth; more than one (kind of) mouth.

What is a good eye?

: a special ability to notice or recognize a particular thing or quality an agent with a good eye for new talent He has a good eye for quality.

What is the difference between eye and eyes?

Eye is when someone refers to a single eye and eyes are when both the eyes are referred to. … Eyes would be correct.

What is plural for bench?

Singular. bench. Plural. benches. The plural form of bench; more than one (kind of) bench.

What are plurals examples?

ExamplesSingularPluralchildchildrentoothteethfootfeetpersonpeople26 more rows

Is eyes plural or singular?

“eyes” is a plural noun. Therefore any verb that goes with eyes, also has to be plural. When you are talking about eyes AS A WORD, you can use the singular form, like I did above.

What is plural for nose?

nose (plural noses)

What is the plural of brooch?

Noun. brooch (plural brooches) A piece of women’s ornamental jewellery having a pin allowing it to be fixed to garments worn on the upper body.

What is a synonym for having a good eye?

What is another word for good eye?punctiliouscorrectmeticulousdiligentexactnicepainstakingprecisescrupulousthorough238 more rows