Question: What Is A Fire Door Retainer?

What is a Dorgard?

Dorgard is a wireless fire door retainer that holds open fire doors, allowing them to automatically close on the sound of the fire alarm..

Why are electromagnetic release devices attached to fire doors?

Electromagnetic locks are well suited for use on emergency exit doors that have fire safety applications because they have no moving parts and are therefore less likely to fail than other types of electric locks, such as electric strikes. … Additionally a second release is required by fire code.

Can a solid wood door be fire rated?

Most of the wood doors have a 20-minute fire rating. However, the MDF (medium density fiberboard) doors are available in 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute fire ratings. Homeowners can choose from a variety of wood species and styles, to ensure that the fire-rated doors match the rest of the home’s styles.

How does a door restrictor work?

The restrictor has a friction screw on the plastic slider that can be tightened to increase friction as the door is opened and closed. The restrictor will stop the door around the 90 degree angle and hold it in place against low to medium strength winds. A solid pull of the door releases it to close.

What is a door stay?

Door stays assist in securely holding open doors and panels in a variety or situations; access panels, maintenance covers, ventilation panels etc. … This is made for heavy duty horizontal door applications. Made from Stainless Steel. Right and Left versions are available, with or without lock release wire.

How do I stop my patio door from swinging?

What are the most popular types of patio door stops?Magnetic. A magnetic patio door stop is a floor or wall-mounted device. … Rigid Stop. A rigid patio door stop is also common. … Spring Stop. A spring patio door stop is basically the same as the rigid type. … Hinge Pin Stop.

Do fire doors have to be self closing?

According to Approved Document B of the Building Regulations ‘Fire Safety’, a self-closing device is: … Fire doors serving an attached or integral garage to a dwellinghouse should be fitted with a self-closing device. Other fire doors in a dwellinghouse need not be provided with self-closing devices.

How effective are fire doors?

A fire door is only effective barrier to fire (and possibly smoke) when its shut. So make sure your fire doors close fully against the rebated stop of the door frame. This is why well maintained hinges, closers, locks and latches are so crucial to fire door performance.

What is a door retainer?

Fire door retainers hold the doors in the open position (against the pressure from the door closer) and release the door in the case of a fire, allowing the door closer to shut the door.

What is the main purpose of a fire door?

Fire doors are designed to withstand fire for a certain timeframe, which is usually around thirty minutes. It allows occupants time to vacate by blocking and containing the spread of the fire, and effectiveness is down to the material used in their making. There are two methods of constructing fire doors.

How do magnetic fire doors work?

Magnetic locks use a strong, electrically powered electromagnet to hold the door closed. If the power fails, or is interrupted by a fire alarm signal, the magnet loses power and releases the door which can then be opened. … And of course the maglocks can be released automatically by a fire alarm system in case of fire.