Question: What Does Scintillant Mean?

What does scintillating story mean?

The definition of scintillating is something fascinating or brilliantly clever.

Fast-paced, witty and clever dialogue on a favored TV show is an example of something that would be described as scintillating..

What does Bionical mean?

1 : of or relating to bionics. 2 : having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by or as if by electronic or electromechanical devices.

What bluffing means?

to mislead by a display of strength, self-confidence, or the like: He bluffed me into believing that he was a doctor. to gain by bluffing: He bluffed his way into the job. Poker. to deceive by a show of confidence in the strength of one’s cards.

What does Biffle mean?

ones BFFL, or Best Friend For Life. it is supposed to be the opposite sex, whom one is JUST friends with, and wouldnt ever date. … unlike best friends, you can only have ONE biffle.

What is Bionic Woman?

Noun. 1. bionic woman – a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices; “a cyborg is a cybernetic organism” bionic man, cyborg. machine – an efficient person; “the boxer was a magnificent fighting machine”

What is a synonym for Bionic?

adjective. Having particular physiological functions augmented or replaced by electronic or electromechanical components. Synonyms. unreal artificial.

What does Buffling mean?

Verb. (third-person singular simple present buffles, present participle buffling, simple past and past participle buffled) (obsolete, intransitive) To puzzle; to be at a loss.

What does Mesmerised mean?

verb (used with object), mes·mer·ized, mes·mer·iz·ing. to hypnotize. to spellbind; fascinate. to compel by fascination.

What does obfuscate mean?

to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy. to make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information. to darken.

Can a person be scintillating?

To be scintillating is to be sharp. Things that are scintillating are exciting: they grab your attention with sparkles, flashes of light, or sheer brilliance. Most often, we talk about scintillating conversations and speakers. If you say someone is scintillating, then they are clever — people want to listen to them.