Question: What Area Code Is 203 In UK?

What time is it in the 203 area code?

Area code 203StateTime ZoneCT ConnecticutEASTERN Current time is 05:56:40 AM– overlaid by area code 475 –.

Are 01858 numbers free?

The cost of calling an 01858 number When calling from a land line, calls to 01858 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute, dependent on the time of day, and there is usually also a call set-up fee.

What area code is 404 belong to?

Atlanta, GeorgiaArea code 404 of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) identifies a numbering plan area (NPA) that covers Atlanta, Georgia, and its closest suburbs: roughly the area encircled by Interstate 285. It is an enclave area code, completely surrounded by area code 770, which serves most of Atlanta’s suburbs.

What is area code 208 in USA?

IdahoArea codes 208 and 986 are the area codes in the North American Numbering Plan for all of Idaho. Area code 208 is one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T in 1947. It was Idaho’s sole area code until 2017, when 986 was added as an overlay plan for the entire state.

What area code is 203 belong to?

ConnecticutArea code 203 is a North American telephone area code that is assigned to the southwestern part of Connecticut, and is overlaid with area code 475. The numbering plan area (NPA) 203 originally covered the entire state of Connecticut when the North American Numbering Plan was created in 1947.

What area code is 01765 in UK?

The Ripon 01765 dialling code is situated in the county of North Yorkshire in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region of the UK.

How do you find out who’s calling me?

Look at the Caller-ID to see who is calling you. If you want a name associated with the number, you can do a Google search for the phone number, and it *might* give you some results, however it might not.

What area is 860 in a phone number?

state of ConnecticutArea codes 860 and 959 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan in the U.S. state of Connecticut. They are arranged in an overlay plan that covers most of the state, except its southwest, which uses area codes 203 and 475.

What area code is 01858 in UK?

Market Harborough 01858The Market Harborough 01858 Area Code (Market Harborough Dialling Code) The 01858 area code is a 4 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Market Harborough area. The local telephone numbers within the 01858 are 6 digits long.

What area code is 01590 in UK?

The Lymington 01590 dialling code is situated in the county of Hampshire in the South East Region of the UK.