Question: Is It Inedible Or Unedible?

What is Unedible?


unedible (comparative more unedible, superlative most unedible) Not edible..

Do you say edible or eatable?

Edible and eatable both refer to something that is “able to be eaten,” but edible is usually used to describe something that is safe to eat, without regard to taste, while eatable often describes something that has some level of acceptable flavor.

What is the opposite of edible?

any substance that can be used as food. Antonyms: inedible, poisonous, uneatable.

What flowers are not edible?

It is important to proceed with caution because several flowers, such as azaleas, buttercups, daffodils, delphinium and wisteria, just to name a few, are poisonous. One very important thing that you need to remember is that not every flower is edible.

What are non edible foods?

Materials. Edible food and drinks: water, crackers, apple, cereal, juice, cookies. Non-edible items: cleaning liquids, soap, laundry detergent.

Is non edible a word?

Non-edible definitions That cannot be eaten; not edible.

Which is an edible item?

Many things that you may not want to eat are, in fact, edible. Certain insects are edible, which just means that you can consume them without getting sick (if it doesn’t gross you out too much). Edible comes from the Latin word edere, which means “to eat.” Anything that people can safely eat is described as edible.

What is called Edible?

A cannabis edible, also known as a cannabis-infused food or simply an edible, is a food product that contains cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although edible may refer to either a food or a drink, a cannabis-infused drink may be referred to more specifically as a liquid edible or drinkable.

What is opposite active?

active(noun) Antonyms: dormant, lethargic, slow, passive, inert, tranquil, theoretical, dull, speculative, indolent, sedentary, extinct, sluggish, bottom, quiescent.

What is the opposite of resident?

resident(n) Antonyms: stranger, foreigner, visitor. Synonyms: occupant, dweller, tenant, sojourner, inhabitant.

What is the opposite of moral?

moral(noun) Antonyms: immoral, unmoral, non-moral, amoral. moral(noun) Of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behaviour, especially for teaching right behaviour.

What animals are not edible?

(Not the liver of polar bears, the Platypus venom glands.) Avoid animals that live from waste and carcasses like possum, rats,.. they may carry diseases. All birds are edible (not therefore tasty). Almost all (poached) frogs are edible.