Question: How Much Is A Slate Subscription?

What is the best podcast app?

Best Podcast Listening Apps (For iOS & Android)RadioPublic.Pocket Casts.Castbox.Podbean.Stitcher.Laughable.TuneIn Radio.Spotify..

What is Slateplus?

Slate Plus is a membership program that enables our most committed readers and listeners to get an enhanced Slate experience, while supporting the work we do. … We’re asking Slate Plus members to pay us $5 a month or $50 a year to gain access to a richer, smoother Slate experience.

What is a metered paywall?

What is a Metered Paywall? A metered paywall typically allows access to a set number of articles per month before requiring a subscription. Publishers can test the number of articles offered to optimize subscription conversions for their audience.

How much does slate plus cost?

How much is Slate Plus? $35 for your first year of membership, and $59 in subsequent years. (Pricing is slightly different in the iOS app.)

Is slate no longer free?

Everything that’s free on Slate will remain free for all Slate readers. … Up till now, Slate has provided almost all of its written work for free. But going forward, we think the way we will truly thrive is by continuing to diversify our revenue — by asking readers like you to support us more directly.

Are slate plugins good?

The value here is probably among the best out there: To purchase all of the plugins currently in the bundle, it would run you $1,771. … What’s even better is that Slate Digital’s plugins sound absolutely amazing. If you have ever used one of these trusty tools, that should come at no surprise.

How do I cancel my subscription to Slate?

You can stop subscription renewal at any time from your Account Info. With a one-year commitment, your subscription will stop at the end of the current 12 months commitment period.

How many free Slate articles are there?

It now has 60,000 paying members. They can read an unlimited number of articles, ad-free podcasts and bonus show content for signing up, as well as other benefits, such as special events and reader-feedback sessions.

How do I listen to Slate plus podcasts?

Slate Customer ServiceTo subscribe in your podcast player visit the member podcast feed page (make sure you’re signed in to your account). … Click Set Up next to the show name.If you are on a mobile device, tap the name of your favorite podcast app to subscribe. … Repeat for each of the shows you’d like to add.Listen!

Why does my podcast stop playing?

If it stops playing when the phone screen is off/phone is locked after several minutes, please try the following steps to change your phone Settings. For Android 10+ users: 1. go to the phone Settings–>Apps–>Podbean–>Battery, then allow Podbean to use battery in the background.

Who is behind slate com?

In 2004, it was purchased by The Washington Post Company (later renamed the Graham Holdings Company), and since 2008 has been managed by The Slate Group, an online publishing entity created by Graham Holdings. Slate is based in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C.