Question: How Long Is My Sky Contract?

Can I get out of my Sky contract?

Most Sky TV and broadband packages typically come with an initial 12 or 18-month contract commitment.

Once this term is complete you can cancel your contract with 31 days’ notice.

If you’re still within your contract term, but are determined to leave Sky, you can – but it will cost you..

How long is the cooling off period for Sky?

31 daysWe offer an enhanced cooling off period of 31 days instead of the 14 days that’s legally required. That means you have the right to cancel your order for Sky Talk, without giving any reason, any time up to 31 days from the later of: (i) activation; or (ii) receipt of the relevant terms and conditions for your service.

Is Sky Q worth having?

Sky Q really shows its worth when you add in extra devices, including Mini boxes that you plug into other TVs in your home. These stream live channels, on-demand TV and recordings from your main box, giving you access to your full Sky Q package from around your home.

Do I have to pay for a Sky engineer to come out?

Hi @Gd94 If you are having problems with your SKYQ equipment, you need to call SKY and talk to an advisor, to arrange an engineer visit, to check your Dish and equipment these visits are free of charge!

How long is a sky Q contract?

Your Sky Q subscription package has a minimum term (usually 12 or 18 months) and you cannot cancel your subscription during the minimum term unless you have a contractual right to do so.