Question: How Do I Contact British Gas Out Of Hours?

What time does British Gas customer service open?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pmYou can call us on 0333 202 9604 on Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, or on Saturday, 8am to 6pm..

Do British Gas have a live chat?

The easiest way to get in touch is to visit and click on the blue ‘Chat’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the page to start a live chat with one of our friendly customer service advisersor you can call us.

Where is British Gas call Centre based?

British Gas has call centres in Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Stockport and Oldbury. They also have call centres in Edinburgh, Cardiff and at Uddingston in South Lanarkshire.

Is calling British Gas Free?

Contact British Gas customer services for free on their freephone number 0800 048 0202 for general enquiries or to get help paying your gas and electricity bills.

Do British Gas install smets2 meters?

British Gas said it has installed more than 370,000 SMETS2 meters, with a spokesperson adding: “Credit customers in all regions will receive SMETS2 meters.

Why can I not access my British Gas account?

You may not have activated your account in time Check your inbox or junk mail folder for an email that says ‘Activate your online account’ and click on the link. You need to do this within 24 hours of receiving the email, or your access will be timed out. You’ll need to contact a super user to reactivate your account.

What do I do if I have no gas?

If you have no gas supply If you think you’ve lost the gas supply to your gas appliances, first check that your gas meter is displaying ‘ON’ rather than ‘OFF’. If your meter is displaying ‘ON’ and you’re still not receiving a gas supply to your appliances, please call the Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

How do I speak to someone at British Gas?

If you prefer to speak to a real person, you can call 0333 202 9604 Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm or Saturday from 8am-6pm.

How do I contact British Gas by phone?

810 44 113 298 0900British Gas/Customer service

How do I cancel my British Gas appointment?

Just follow the steps below.Access your account online.Select the ‘Track, reschedule or cancel your appointment’ option.Click ‘Change booking’ and confirm the new date, time and telephone number.Look out for an email confirming your new appointment.

Who do I complain to about British Gas?

British Gas’s customer service team is on 0333 202 9532. You can also write to Complaints Management Team, PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can escalate the complaint by contacting the Customer Services Director’s team via

Do British Gas fix showers?

British Gas HomeCare Three and British Gas HomeCare Four Also included is the unblocking and repairing of drains and waste pipes to restore flow. There are some exclusions for HomeCare Three such as showers and their parts, shared drains, and the removal of sludge and scale.