Question: How Did The Mp5 Get Nerfed?

Is mp7 better than mp5 modern warfare?

The MP7 is actually worse than the MP5 on paper, but when you factor in its potential mag size upgrades, almost non-existent recoil, and superb hip-fire accuracy you have one of best close-quarters weapons in the game..

Does FMJ increase damage?

FMJ increases the rate and intensity at which bullets penetrate through terrain and objects, dealing more indirect damage. … Any equipment that an enemy plops down, like a Trophy System or a turret, is more readily damaged by players running FMJ. However, the FMJ perk doesn’t deal increased damage towards opponents.

Is Grau still the best gun in warzone?

The Grau is still the overall best Assault Rifle in Warzone. Previously overshadowed by the venerable M4A1, the Grau slowly clawed its way to the top of the Assault Rifles tier list – mainly due to its unbelievably low recoil.

Did they nerf the m4 in warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone: M4 and MP7 might have been nerfed in Warzone, as there’s no private games, no way to test accurately. … Ghost still won’t conter Heartbeat Sensor in Warzone, contrary to what other people think.

Was the mp5 Nerfed Season 5?

Modern Warfare’s MP5 was nerfed Tuesday in the latest patch applied to the game. Alongside the M4, which also received a nerf, the MP5 was arguably the best weapon in the game.

Is Warzone mp5 still good?

Its recoil is significant, but it has one of the fastest time-to-kill stats of any weapon in Warzone. You can definitely kit out the MP5 for range, but to be honest I prefer to use it with an Assault Rifle or LMG capable of handling mid-to-long ranges, and kit the MP5 out purely for extremely close quarters dominance.

Does the m13 have FMJ?

The barrel has a built-in suppressor, silencing the sound of the M13 but increasing the bullet velocity, making it very strong at close to medium ranges. FMJ makes shooting through thin walls and metal much easier to take down any enemies that are hiding behind cover.

Did the mp5 get nerfed?

Infinity Ward has pushed a new update live for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that includes a number of weapon balance changes. Starting with the nerfs. The MP5 has had its headshot multiplier reduced and its range when using 10mm ammo reduced.

Is m13 good in warzone?

The M13 is often overlooked in Call of Duty’s battle royale as it can lack some punch over long distances and is slightly less effective than the best M4A1 loadout and the best Grau Warzone setups. … It’s harder to quantify, but the M13 simply feels good to use in Warzone – provided you don’t try to kill snipers with it.

Does FMJ do more damage in warzone?

Damage Range with FMJ According to the same testing by jackfrags, FMJ does NOT increase your damage range. That’s all you need to know about using the FMJ weapon perk in Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s not for everyone, but if you fancy it then give FMJ a go and get some sweet wallbang kills.

Did the m13 get a buff?

M13 now atop the weapon classes in Modern Warfare? In the update yesterday, Infinity Ward buffed the M13 quite heavily. Take a look at the official patch notes: “M13: Range increase, Small reduction to horizontal recoil, Small damage increase to boost headshot effectiveness.”

How was the mp5 nerfed?

As well as the damage, recoil was a bit talking point for the MP5; which supposedly got nerfed. … He also notes that the gun didn’t receive an official recoil buff at any stage, so it would have to have been a stealth change; so, in that instance, the gun’s recoil was nerfed.

Is the mp5 still good in modern warfare?

The MP5. The MP5 is unlocked at level 12 in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. Its best attributes are its great accuracy and easy control, making it very effective at mid-range, even with your finger held down firmly on the trigger.

What is the best class for the mp5?

Best balanced MP5 loadoutBarrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor.Stock: FTAC Collapsible Stock.Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip.Ammunition: 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags.Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.

What’s better m4a1 or m13?

Boasting a good damage output and a slightly slower rate of fire than the M4A1, the M13 is much more effective at the longer ranges but does lack performance when it comes to close quarters engagements. The iron sight on the M13 is very easy to use when aiming down the sights (ADS).

Did they nerf the m13 in warzone?

One of the most prominent fixes that some players are clamouring for is a nerf to the popular assault rifle, the Grau 5.56, added into Warzone in the Season 3 update.