Question: How Can I Hide My WhatsApp Notification Content?

How do I turn off WhatsApp notification?

To turn it off on Android, go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications.

Tap on Ringtone under Calls.

Select None.

Also, tap on Vibrate under Calls and select Off..

How can I show WhatsApp notification on screen?

If you don’t see a Notifications option on the App Info page, look for a checkbox that says Show notifications at the top of your screen. Tap and check this box to turn on notifications.

Why are my WhatsApp notifications not showing?

Check to make sure this wasn’t activated accidentally. Check the iOS and Android WhatsApp Notification settings. Go to Settings > WhatsApp > Notifications on iPhone or Application manager > WhatsApp > Notifications on Android. Then, make sure that all the appropriate notification settings are switched on.

How do I hide content of notifications?

Open up Settings and tap Apps & Notifications. Tap Notifications and look for “On the lock screen.” This setting might already say “Show all notification content.” Tap on it….Tech news that matters to you, dailyShow all notification content. … Hide sensitive notification content. … Don’t show notifications at all.

Can I turn off WhatsApp?

Go to your phone settings (under the general Android settings) >> Apps>> Open list of Apps>>Select WhatsApp. Then click on ‘Force stop’.

Can you go on WhatsApp without appearing online?

An easy way to Reply to WhatsApp Messages without appearing online is to reply to WhatsApp Messages right from the Lock Screen of your Android Phone. 4. Now, type your Message and tap on the Send button to send your Reply to WhatsApp Message Without appearing online.

How can I chat on WhatsApp without coming online?

Open the drop-down menu and reply to the message without opening the app, but instead by clicking the Reply button in the notification. Or, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can respond to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch and be safe from appearing online.

What happens when I uninstall WhatsApp?

When you uninstall WhatsApp, people can still send you messages. … Only when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will receive those messages and missed call notifications. However, when you have deleted your WhatsApp account, you won’t receive messages that were sent when your account was deleted.

What happens when you delete your WhatsApp account?

Here is what will happen, when you delete WhatsApp account: Your number is removed from your friends’ WhatsApp contact list. … You are removed from WhatsApp groups. Your message history gets erased. Your Google Drive backup is deleted.

Why doesn’t my WhatsApp give me notifications?

Make sure Do not disturb is turned off or you have allowed WhatsApp notifications in priority mode in your phone’s Settings app > Sound > Do not disturb. Make sure all of WhatsApp’s permissions are granted in your phone’s Settings app > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions.

How can I hide WhatsApp content in notification bar?

Tap on the notification type that interests you. We chose Message notifications because we want to hide the content of the messages we receive on WhatsApp. Then, tap on “Lock screen notifications” and choose “Show but hide contents.”

How do I block WhatsApp calls only?

#3 Go to Settings and Disable WhatsApp Calls to ON The user can go to the settings and disable the WhatsApp call option to ON, and then toggle ON the incoming or outgoing call as per their need.

How can I use WhatsApp without anyone knowing?

On Android, tap the three-dot Menu button in the upper-right and choose Settings. For iOS, tap the Settings entry at the bottom. Choose Account > Privacy and you’ll see an option labeled Last Seen. Tap it and change it from Everyone to My contacts or Nobody depending on your preference.

How do I manage WhatsApp notifications?

How to manage WhatsApp notification settingsOpen the WhatsApp app on your phone.Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.Tap Settings. Source: Joe Maring / Android Central.Tap Notifications. Source: Joe Maring / Android Central.

How can you tell if someone muted you on WhatsApp?

The notifications of that person’s messages will still pop up on your screen. When you mute someone on Whatsapp there is no way this person will know you’ve muted them.