Question: How Can I Get New Zealand Citizenship?

How much does it cost to become a New Zealand citizen?


The fee to apply for New Zealand citizenship is: $470.20 for adults aged 16 and over.

$235.10 for children aged 15 and under..

What is the fastest way to get NZ citizenship?

How to apply for NZ citizenshipUnderstand the types of citizenship. There are 3 main types of New Zealand citizenship. … Check you meet the requirements. … Get your documents ready. … Apply and pay. … Wait to find out if your application is approved. … Get your citizenship certificate. … Get your NZ passport.

How do I get a copy of my New Zealand citizenship?

Get proof you are a citizen If you have lost or damaged your New Zealand birth certificate or your citizenship certificate, you can apply for a replacement or ask for a confirmation of your status.

Is it hard to get New Zealand citizenship?

To apply for citizenship, you must have been a resident for at least 5 years, and only travelled out of New Zealand for a short amount of time each year. You must therefore have been present in New Zealand with a Resident visa for a total of at least 1,350 days and for at least 240 days in each of those 5 years.

Does New Zealand have free healthcare?

New Zealand residents and some work visa holders benefit from a public health system that is free or low cost, thanks to heavy government subsidies. New Zealand residents can choose to take out medical insurance for private healthcare, although many New Zealanders do not opt for this additional cover.