Question: Does The Military Target The Poor?

Can I join the military at 50?

With no prior service, it is nearly impossible to join any of the services in the US at 50 years of age.

The maximum age and service in the US is 39 years old in the Coast Guard..

Is military a waste of time?

Joining the United States military is a complete waste of time and money; all you to is go to Muhammadland and either get shot or go batshit insane with post traumatic stress only to fight for a bunch of liberal asswipes that hate your guts and just smoke weed and take the money you SHOULD be earning for joining the …

Will BTS come back after military?

BTS are unlikely to continue making group music with other members missing, this means they will go solo for a big while. According to data BTS will make their next come back in 2028, or in 2026 if 3 memebers enlist together. Meaning ARMY would suffer. 10 whole years with no BTS is a pain.

Who does the military target for recruiting?

Ferguson, media relations chief for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said, “The Army seeks qualified individuals 17 [to] 34 years old.” Since the draft ended in 1973, the military has relied on an all-volunteer service and has targeted young people, using strategies that include placing recruiters in schools.

Do Army recruiters go door to door?

sweed said: Why do they even have recruiters in the first place. If you’re interested, go down to the local base and talk to someone, or call/ email them. … Well they need recruiters (though maybe that isn’t a great name) but they don’t need recruiters out going door to door.

Do military recruiters go to private schools?

However, private schools that maintain a religious objection to service in the Armed Forces that is verifiable through the corporate or other organizational documents or materials of that school are not required to comply with this law. …

Can an only son be drafted?

Regulations. This policy protects “only sons/daughters”, “the last son/daughter to carry the family name”, and “sole surviving sons/daughters” only during peacetime. … The policy was changed to allow both enlisted and officers to apply for this discharge.

Can I join the military with a child?

In the Army and Air Force, single-parent military applicants for enlistment must indicate they have a child or children in the custody of the other parent or another adult. … The military’s refusal to accept single parents for enlistment is a valid one. The military is no place for a single parent.

What percent of high schoolers join the military?

Of the estimated 3,600 local students who finished at a public high school in 2017, only 2 percent enlisted in the military, according to a Journal analysis of state and local data. Most local students — 85 percent — went to college.

Can BTS enlist together?

It is known that BTS members are respectful men and faithful Korean citizens. They will never agree to be exempted because they see military service as their honour and duty. In the case all the members will be enlisted together and return in two years, it will save their time and career.

Why are military recruiters allowed in high schools?

Are schools required to allow military recruiters on campus? Federal and Washington laws require high schools to give military recruiters the same access to the campus as they provide to other persons or groups who advise students about occupational or educational options.

Is the military struggling to recruit?

Military recruitment in the U.S. is struggling in the face of the coronavirus threat, recruiters are finding. The coronavirus quarantines and “shelter-in-place” orders have shut down most recruiting stations across the nation.

Do military recruiters talk to each other?

Most military recruiters don’t talk bad about the other branches. If they do sometimes it can backfire on them. If a person expressed interest in or asked about another service. We would tell them to go talk to that recruiter, compare notes and come back if they decided to join the Marine Corps.

Are there any sign on bonuses for the military?

The Army offers a plethora of enlistment bonuses, not only for choosing certain jobs but also for bringing qualities to the table such as being bilingual, holding a college degree, and holding a certification in select fields. These bonuses can be combined for a maximum of $40,000, says

Will Baekhyun go to military?

The other members next in line are those born in 1992 such as Chanyeol, Chen and Baekhyun who are expected to enlist in 2020. D.O was born in 1993 thus giving him quite enough time to prepare before he enlists in the military which would have to be in 2021.

Is the poverty draft real?

While a great deal of anecdotal evidence exists documenting this phenomena, little empirical analysis has been undertaken to address the reality of the “poverty draft.” We attempt to identify military recruitment strategies in the Rio Grande Valley in Deep South Texas by questioning current high school juniors and …

Who is enlisting in 2020?

20 K-pop Idols Who Will Enlist In The Military In 2020BTS’ Jin.2-5. EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, Chen, and Baekhyun.6-7. WINNER’s Jinu and Hoony.MONSTA X’s Shownu.9-11. Block B’s Zico, U-kwon, and Park Kyung.PENTAGON’s Jinho.Infinite’s L.14/15. FT Island’s Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan.More items…•

Can military recruiters come to your house?

Yes, Military Recruiters can come to your house. During my rotation as a USMC Recruiter, I would show up at John or Jane’s Homes. Most of the time my visits were by invite.