Question: Are Cameras Cheaper In Thailand?

Are camera lenses cheaper in Thailand?

Thailand has high taxes on imports.

Camera lenses cost more in Bangkok.

You could go to camera stores in MBK to compare lense prices..

Are brands cheaper in Thailand?

Things that can be made in Thailand are cheap, but name brand electronics are generally more costly. Buying an I Pad is much more expensive in Thailand than the US. locally made clothing is very inexpensive and generally food is low cost.

Are electronics cheaper in Thailand?

Electronics in Thailand are almost never cheaper than ordering over the internet in the U.S., even if you get the VAT discount (7% back at the airport). Expect a 10%-30% premium over the U.S. prices.

Which country is cheapest to buy cameras?

the United States of AmericaAccording to DSLR experts, the United States of America is the country to buy the cheapest DSLRs in the world. It is not just the Cameras but you can also buy other camera accessories like lenses, Tripods, Backpack at the low prices. You can check latest camera prices on Amazon website.