Is Maje A Bad Word?

What is a Cerote?

cerote m (plural cerotes) (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, vulgar) a turd, excrement..

What does pucha mean in Honduras?

Like saying shootPucha: Like saying shoot. Used when amazed or astonished by something.

What is caliche slang?

Caliche is a collection of slang words that originated in El Salvador and are commonly used throughout the country. Originally the meaning of the word “verga” is a kind of whip used to hit horses so that they can go faster. … Other variations include “vergazo”, “vergonada”, and “vergonísimo”.

What do you call someone from Nicaragua?

Nicaraguans (Spanish: Nicaragüenses; also Nica, Nicoya and Pinolero) are people inhabiting in, originating or having significant heritage from Nicaragua.

What is the nickname for Nicaraguans?

The Land of Lakes and VolcanoesWith two of the biggest lakes in Central America that take up over seven percent of the country’s landmass and many active volcanoes, Nicaragua’s nickname is “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”.

How do you say goodbye in Nicaragua?

(Goodbye!) are still standard Spanish expressions that you’ll hear frequently, adiós is also a casual, on-the-street method to acknowledge passersby in Nicaragua. It’s similar to the Hawaiian Aloha (Hello / Goodbye).

What do Salvadorans call kids?

Bicho or Bicha– little kids (the meaning of “bicho” varies in every Spanish-speaking country.)

What does Chimbolo mean?

chimbolo (Spanish) mollies) A fish of the genus Poecilia, except for those known as guppies. Translations molly – fish Spanish: chimbolo‎ See also… chimbolos: chimbolos (Spanish) Noun chimbolos Plural of chimbolo.

Why do Salvadorans say vos?

Salvadorans use the voseo form of verb conjugation rather than the one most of us know, the tuteo form. It simply means that vos (you) takes the place of the second person pronoun—instead of tú (you). A few other countries use this conjugation variance, most notably Argentina.

How do you say what’s up in Guatemala?

You might also hear the word in a greeting like “¿Qué tal, cerote?” (What’s up, dude?) Depending on the situation, it’s either friendly or insulting, so be aware of what’s happening when you hear the word!

What does the slang term word mean?

The Meaning of WORD WORD means “Ok, I agree, hey” So now you know – WORD means “Ok, I agree, hey” – don’t thank us. YW! What does WORD mean? WORD is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the WORD definition is given.

What is Puchica?

Popular in El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, and other countries in Central America, puchica is a versatile slang term which loosely translates to “oh, shoot!” Show off your cultural pride with this fun and lively tee! Makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays alike.

What does WRR mean in texting?

WRR Stands For:RankAbbreviationMeaning*****WRRWash, Rinse, & Repeat

What does WRD mean in texting?

I agree with what you saidWRD short for WORD means I agree with what you said.

What does Maje mean in Nicaragua?

who is not a good personMaje is Nicaraguan slang for someone who is not a good person, or someone you don’t like. Although, these days it is more and more widely used, with a less negative connotation.

What are some ghetto slang words?

1- Booty, but, nice looking round butt. Remember the song “Baby got back”. 2- Crew, people that will defend you and back you up in a situation. 3- Term for sexing a girl…. Short for cold hearted. … Great, nice, good. … a word that expresses an attribute of something. … When your wrist cold.

What does Maje mean in English?

Adjective. maje (plural majes) (colloquial, El Salvador) idiot, stupid (said about a man) No seas tan maje; ya deja de hacer eso. – Don’t be so stupid, stop doing that.

Is Puchica a bad word?

It is clarified that none of the expressions is considered a swear word, not an offence for someone. The word puchica (with tilde in the u) is used as an expression of surprise, admiration, anger or fear by the jargon youth in Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador and not has any significado.