Does Invisalign Make You Talk Funny?

Does Invisalign affect kissing?

There really is nothing stopping you from kissing with Invisalign®.

They definitely don’t stop people going in for a kiss.

Invisalign®’s smooth aligners are designed to fit super-close to your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about your aligners dislodging or getting in the way of that perfect kiss..

Does Invisalign make your teeth yellow?

Your Invisalign aligners may turn yellow due to: Not brushing your teeth before putting your aligners in your mouth. Drinking coffee, tea, juice, wine, or colored sodas.

Does Invisalign ruin enamel?

The Erosion of Healthy Teeth More concerning, it has been joined by another: erosion. And, for patients who wear Invisalign, this risk is exacerbated. … When it sits on your teeth, the enamel will weaken. When enamel weakens, teeth become sensitive and discolored.

Why does Invisalign smell so bad?

Many Invisalign patients complain that their aligners begin to smell bad throughout the day. The reason why that is happening is because the dry saliva and plaque that builds up creates the perfect home for bacteria, causing this foul smell. To avoid this, simply brush your aligners every time you take them out!

How long should Invisalign be worn?

The entire treatment of Invisalign usually takes 12 months. It can also be shorter or longer depending on how misaligned your teeth are and how long you leave your aligners in each day. Your aligner tray should be replaced every two weeks throughout the duration of your treatment.

Does Invisalign give you a lisp?

Lisps due to Invisalign may also be caused ill-fitting Invisalign trays. … Typically, Invisalign patients do not develop lisps with each new set of aligners because they are similar enough in shape and thickness. But if a tray isn’t shaped quite right or is improperly placed, it can cause a lisp.

Can I take my Invisalign out for a date?

Invisalign aligners are virtually transparent while you’re wearing them, but they’re also conveniently removable. … While it may be extremely tempting to ditch the aligners for a first date, it is not recommended. Even the rare occasion of taking aligners out more than you should delays your treatment time.

Does Invisalign give you bad breath?

Will Invisalign Give Me Bad Breath? Properly cared for, your Invisalign aligners won’t do anything harmful to your breath. … Since you should be brushing your teeth several times a day with Invisalign, you should actually enjoy much fresher breath than you might if you were brushing just twice daily.

Can Invisalign cause problems?

If you have had previous work done to your teeth, then Invisalign can cause issues with the crowns or fillings. Invisalign can also cause discomfort with your teeth. You can experience scratched gums, cheeks and lips, mouth dryness, and speak with a lisp until used to the trays.

Do you lose weight when using Invisalign?

Invisalign will help you lose weight. Doing this three to five times daily can become a bit of a hassle for some people, and result in them skipping snacks. The good news is that while some patients report less snacking and a bit of weight loss, we haven’t noticed anyone wasting away while they’re in treatment.

Do retainers give you bad breath?

Many people believe that some part of their appliances must be causing the stench. However, this is not the case. Braces or retainers contribute to bad breath just as much as normal teeth do. The real culprit is halitosis-inducing bacteria.

Will wearing Invisalign affect my speech?

Although any orthodontic appliance in your mouth has the potential to affect the way you talk, Invisalign is not very likely to cause speech impediments. … Additionally, as your tongue get used to the aligners in your mouth, your lisp should disappear on its own.

How long should you wear retainers?

While there’s no hard and fast number because every situation and treatment is different, you should expect to wear retainers for at least 20-22 hours a day in the first 4 – 6 months following aligners treatment. After this period of time, wearing your retainers overnight should help keep your teeth aligned properly.

Can you chew gum with retainers?

Do not chew gum because it will stick to your retainer and may warp the retainer. Keep your retainer in its retainer case to prevent its loss and breakage, this means when you are not wearing your retainers they should be in their case. … You may rinse your retainer with mouthwash to freshen it.

Do retainers make you talk funny?

Wearing your retainer will help prevent your teeth from becoming crowded or crooked again. You may notice a slight lisp in your speech for the first few days, until you learn to talk with the retainers in. Your mouth may also be slightly sore for a few days; over-the-counter pain relievers can help.